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So, I got My Runescape Membership Today!

After I signed up at Prizerebel and spent a couple hours completing offers, I finally got 9 points. With these 9 points I went to the prize section and ordered an Ultimate Gamer Card.

After I ordered this Prize I was skeptical about if it would work. Well it did! Within two days I went to my claimed Prize section and found the code to my ultimate gamer card. Then I went on Runescape and redeemed it for 1 MONTH of FREE membership all thanks to a couple hours of work.


Do you want free stuff? Well you've come to the right place. If you follow this step-by-step guide, I guarantee that you can get free xbox membership, ultimate gamer cards, videogames, and almost ANYTHING of Amazon.

Step 1: Signing Up

First go to , or click on one of the banners and sign up with your name and email address.

Step 2: Earning Points

Now you're wondering, what next? Well, now you click on the "offers tab" and go down to "available offers." Once you click on this, you should come to a page of offers, at this point you should click the down arrow in the box and organize the adds, so it is "credited" and "greatest to least." Now you can start completing adds. To complete an add you read what it wants you to do next to it, click on the add, and start filling out FAKE INFORMATION. Once you finish filling it out, submit it. Then you will usually come to a list of offers, select "no" or "skip" for all of them, and continue through the offer. Congradulations, eventually you will come to the end of the offer, and get credited with points.

Step 3: Claiming Your Prize

On Prizerebel, 1 points is ~$1usd. I suggest having about 10 points, and then looking for a prize. You can order ultimate gamer cards, gift cards, videogames, xbox live, ANYTHING OFF AMAZON, and much more from prizerebel.

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